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Jeanine Brito
(CA, 1993)


Matth Velvet began painting walls in the early ‘00s in western France. The maritime and industrial landscapes were his first source of inspiration and permeate his early work.

A passionate drawer, he has naturally turned to applied arts, while redoubling his graffiti practice. He’s gradually moved from aerosol to acrylic paint and oil, giving him greater control of colors and a rendering closer to his expectations on walls and in-gallery. His work is the union of detailed studio paintings, quick outdoor interventions, and large figurative murals. Matth Velvet describes human behaviors through the prism of objects and Architecture, combining his most intimate recollection with a rigorous observation of what surrounds him, to create a world in the twilight of pragmatism and onirism. His painting always has a narrative dimension, suitable for the viewer to interpret. With murals and exhibitions spanning the globe, he now lives and works in Bordeaux, France.


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