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group show with Elisa Capdevila, Iván Floro, Gambin Rot,

Julia Santa Olalla y Udatxo

07.02.20 - 07.03.20


REMEMBRANZA unites the work of five contemporary painters from different regions of Spain.

Born between the mid-1980s and mid-1990s, all painters share the same taste for figurative painting, which they develop using their own plastic languages. The works, produced especially for the exhibition, started from the same premise: the visual or conceptual reference to the 90s.

In a nutshell, we asked them and reflect on years and memories they have lived - some relating to childhood, for others to the adolescence years - and pick up whatever they wanted from that time. The result is a mixture of memories: moments recovered from childhood, familiar scenes, recognizable and inseparable objects of the time ...

In each image the melancholy that almost always accompanies remembrance seeps.

Text by Manuela Medina


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